Product development

Hanel Photonics offers project work in the development of laser systems. As a component of these laser systems, frequency stabilized single mode laser such as distributed feedback (DFB) or distributed bragg reflector laser (DBR) are used. For further stabilization of wavelength, spectroscopy cells or Fabry-Perot interferometers are used.

As an alternative to DFB/DBR laser, a simple Fabry-Perot laser diode is used, whose wavelength is stabilized by optical grating or ultra-narrow bandwidth filter in extended cavity diode laser (ECDL) configuration.

Furthermore, Hanel Photonics offers development of optical amplifier systems, and systems based on frequency doubling.

Hanel Photonics offers laser system development in the following areas:

  • laser systems with DFB/DBR - laser
  • ECDL configurations with integrated element for wavelength stabilization
  • laser amplifier
  • frequency doubling

  • The project work is divided into four areas:

  • project planning and simulation
  • experimental investigation
  • prototyping
  • development of industrial product
  • Project planning and simulation

    In collaboration with the customer, target specifications are definded and main parameters checked by simulation. This is followed by the creation of a project plan including timetable, work packages and milestones.

    For the simulation of optical systems, the program WinABCD is used. WinABCD was developed by Ferdinand Braun Institute and is used in particular for the calculation of beam paths of Fabry-Perot lasers and tapered amplifiers. As components thin and thick lenses, GRIN lenses and achromatic lenses can be used. WinABCD provides the ability to calculate and display beam paths and beam parameters at any point in a complex optical systems. Furthermore, it allows to estimate the coupling efficiency in multi- or single-mode fibers.

    Experimental investigation

    Hanel Photonics has an optical lab, where the concept of the aimed product can be examined experimentally. As part of the experimental study, target specifications are checked. This involves measurement of the wavelength, power, power stability and the estimation of the linewidth by spectroscopic methods. Other parameters are measured in cooperation with institutional partners in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.


    After successful investigation of the target parameters, the design and construction of the prototype follows. A 3D model and technical drawings are made. The project ends with final test measurements and transfer to the production department of the client.

    Development of industrial product

    Often there is a desire to convert a laser system or sub-functions of it in a compact package with industry standard, e.g. a butterfly package. Hanel Photonics accompanies this process, working together with packaging companies in Europe.

    Services Overview

    Hanel Photonics specializes in the development of diode laser systems for industry and research applications. Our service includes:

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